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Welcome to my portfolio site. I'm always updating things here with fresh, new work from my latest projects.

studio a design & marketing

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5 Reasons to Hire a Graphic Designer


Business owners have an endless “to do list” to prioritize. That means you may put off doing a new marketing piece, even if it is something you really need or waste time trying to do it yourself when your resources could have been spent elsewhere. Hiring a designer means you can get that project done and begin using it to make you more money.


By the time you learn how to use that page layout software that came free with your computer, you may have invested several hours. Couldn’t that have been used more productively? A designer will complete the work (in the appropriate file format) in less time and speak the language of web and print media so you can start generating sales through the materials created.


You can buy a cheap, generic look online or plagiarize someone else’s, but a designer will create a brand that will communicate your unique vision through your marketing. Every piece will be consistent in theme, color, fonts, and images so you are uniquely recognizable. Your brand will set you apart from your competition.


It’s good to have a relationship with someone who will help guide you through the process and be there to bounce ideas off of. Designers create - that’s just what we do. Hiring a designer will not only give you a more polished look and attract the customer base you desire, but you'll have fresh ideas from someone who specializes in branding and marketing. Designers also have experience in marketing pieces, campaign building, effective logo creation and can navigate through technical issues for you.


It all comes down to return on investment. Your branding should be an effective tier in your business plan. A designer will be able to ensure that your end results will not only look the way you want, but will help you achieve the goals you set out for your business materials.

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